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Morphological Image Database

Asher, 2007. A database of morphological characters and a combined-data reanalysis of placental mammal phylogeny.
BMC Evolutionary Biology
7: 108

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The images below are links to text- and graphics-rich explanations of a morphological dataset

Additional file 1:

- supplementary tables 1-3 (changes to multiple sequence alignment, changes to morphological character-states, corrections to appendices 1 and 2 of Asher et al. 2003).

- Combined data nexus file used for phylogeny reconstruction.
- Morphology nexus file including names of characters and states.
Sequence alignment nexus file based on Roca et al. (2004) corresponding to changes given in table 1 of Additional  File 1 (above).

Images on this website are derived primarily from the collections of several natural history museums:

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Dentition and Mandible



oryzorictes thorax

Soft Tissue