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Errata for Rankin et al. 2020, 'Anatomical sciuromorphy in "protrogomorph" rodents'. Palaeontologica Electronica 23(2):a25.

Nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) time-series temperature data (and other supplementary data) from  Knight, F., Connor, C., Venkataramanan, R., & Asher, R. Body temperatures, life history, and skeletal morphology in the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). Peer Community In Ecology Supplementary data available at the Center for Open Science:
    Appendix S1 ("appendS1.csv"): csv file with original timeseries and temperatures for each individual.
    Appendix S2 ("appendS2.txt"): R script to calculate DFTs from temperature data. Raw data are available in supplementary appendix S1 and are represented as data frame "temps".
    Appendix S3 ("appendS2.pdf"): graphical summary of recorded temperatures for each individual, daily range of temperature fluctuations, and DFT periodograms. 
    Table S1 ("knight-asher_supplementaryTables.doc"): Summary of temperature data for 19 D. novemcinctus individuals (original data in csv format in Appendix S1)
    Table S2 ("knight-asher_supplementaryTables.doc"):  Vertebral  counts  of D. novemcinctus offspring.
Data for Asher, Smith, Rankin & Emry 2019, Congruence, fossils, and the evolutionary tree of rodents and lagomorphs. Royal Society Open Science.

    appendices S1-S4 are downloadable as an archive with DNA alignment, indels, combined data matrix, and hypothetical ancestors in nexus format.
    supplementary figures S1-S7
    supplementary methods and tables S1-S4
    illustrated character matrix on morphobank

Topologies from Appendix 1 of Asher RJ. 2018. Taxonomy, Trees, and Truth in Historical Mammalogy. pp. 39-58 in Zachos F and Asher RJ. Handbook of Zoology: Mammalia. Berlin: Walter deGruyter. Pre-production (and post peer-review) version is available here.

Morphological character matrices from Carrillo J, Asher RJ. 2017. An exceptionally well preserved skeleton of Thomashuxleya externa (Mammalia, Notoungulata), from the Eocene of Patagonia, Argentina. Paleontologica Electronica 20.2.34A.
Table with links to hyracoid CT scans (including DOIs for scans accessioned at morphosource) from Asher et al. 2017, J Vert Paleo

Primate artificial extinction datasets from Pattinson et al. 2015, Syst Biol.

Alignment of cytochrome B dataset from chapter 9 of Asher 2012 Evolution & Belief

Corrected sloth clade in Fig 1 from Asher et al. 2011.Variability and constraint in the mammalian vertebral column. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24(5): 1080-1090.

Images documenting the chrysochlorid morphological dataset and chrysochlorid GHR-morphology alignment from Asher et al. 2010 BMC Evolutionary Biology 10:69 (see also "electronic supplementary material" heading on BMC site for further online data).

Vertebral data from Asher et al. 2009 Bioessays 31(8): 853-864.

Morphological image database from Asher 2007 BMC Evolutionary Biology 7:108.

Tenrecid nexus files, supplementary tables & figures (7MB), and zipped data folder (98MB) from Asher and Hofreiter 2006 Systematic Biology 55(2): 181-194.

Gomphos dataset from Asher et al. 2005 Science 307: 1091-1094.

Marsupial dataset from Asher et al. 2004 MPE 33: 240-250.

Morphological dataset for Apternodus and other N. American fossils, from Asher et al., 2002, Bulletin AMNH vol. 243.

Erratum from Asher RJ. 2005. Insectivoran-Grade Placental mammals: Character Evolution and Fossil History.  pp. 50-70 in The Rise of Placental Mammals: Origin and Relationships of the Major Clades.  K.D. Rose and J.D. Archibald (eds.), Johns Hopkins University Press.

Corrected Fig. 9A from Asher RJ, Emry RJ, and McKenna MC. 2005. New material of Centetodon (Mammalia, Lipotyphla) and the importance of (missing) DNA sequences in systematic paleontology. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 25(4):911–923.