Online Media about Evolution, History, & Philosophy


Huffington Post
    28 July 2016, Did Arabic Scholars Discover Evolution in the Ninth Century?
    5 Jan 2015, God Is Evil (or T. rex Ate Melons)
    9 Jan 2014, A New Objection to Intelligent Design
    28 May 2013, Macroevolution for the People
    28 Aug 2012, Republicans and the Unsung Fossils (Starting With ‘A’)
    29 Jun 2012, Evolution and the Tree of Life: How Hyperbole Poisons Everything
    19 April 2012, Agreeing With Someone Who Is Wrong
    4 April 2012, Science, Religion And The First Amendment
    29 Feb 2012, Why I Am An Accommodationist
    2 Feb 2012, ‘Religious’ Scientists And The Legacy Of Christopher Hitchens

Panda's Thumb
    28 Nov 2012, God as a Superhuman: A (belated) response to Jason Rosenhouse

Montreal Review
    May 2012, The Compatibility of Science and Religion

TEDx talk, Courtauld Institute London
March 2017, Classification, Evolution, & Life's Family Tree

Trinity College Chapel
    May 2015, Christianity & Evolution

Trinity Hall Cambridge, Milestone Lecture

    Nov 2014, Origins of Humanity

Cogito Symposium, University of Zürich

    Sept 2013, Trees, Paleontology, and Evolution

BBC1 The Big Questions
    Jan 2013, Is it time for all religions to accept evolution?
    May 2015, Is God the problem?

"Unbelievable", Premier Christian Radio (debate against "Young Earth Creationism")
    Aug 2013, Does the rock and fossil record point to Noah's flood or evolution?
    Aug 2013, Young Earth Creation debate 2: Adam, Eve Sin & Death

Faraday Institute for Science & Religion, St. Edmunds College, University of Cambridge
    Sept 2012, Reconstructing evolutionary history from genetics and palaeontology