Mistake noted in Asher, 2005 (chapter 5 in The Rise of Placental Mammals: Origin and Relationships of the Major Clades):
Specimens of golden moles recently observed by the aut
hor at the NHM London, including representatives of Chrysospalax, Chlorotalpa, and Amblysomus, preserve sutures clearly defining the contribution of the maxilla in the medial orbital wall.  Although this element does not separate the orbital contributions of the palatine and frontal, it does make a sizable contribution to the orbital mosaic.  Hence, contrary to my implication in the text, this feature does indeed resemble the condition seen in northern insectivorans and most tenrecids.  I should not have attributed the sentiment that chrysochlorids lack a maxillary incursion into the orbital mosaic to MacPhee and Novacek (1993: p. 18 and their fig. 3.6), who correctly noted only that the palatine often shows contact with the frontal in this group.